Randy Moore created his Stretching for Longevity protocol based on his experiences with various body-mind-spirit methods and fitness activities spanning more than 30 years. The stretches are great for the entire body, easy to do and focus mostly on strengthening the major muscle groups and the central nervous system. Many of the stretches will be familiar to yoga students regardless of their level of experience. The weekly class also includes light meditation and several standing isometric exercises that provide strength training without the use of weights. 

Randy owns Englewood Healthy Living magazine which he publishes three times a year in late October, late January and late April. He also owns Triple 3 Marketing, a full-service marketing company helping businesses owners with website development, media liaison, social media, and other marketing functions. Randy owned two healthy living magazines in Sarasota during his tenure as a publisher. 

Randy has taught advanced techniques in goal-setting, creative visualization and success planning. While living in Minneapolis in the mid-90's, he coached executives on communication effectiveness and personal marketing. He earned his Master of Arts Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied persuasion and attitude change. He’s also a certified Florida Master Naturalist through the University of Florida.